"Thank you so much! We really appreciate all your help and of course you sharing some of your knowledge about the house with us that day as well.
-Steward and Kara Young
"Thank you for the great job you did for us on 3/21. I'm busy fixing things now."
-J Huber
"I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for all your time, effort, tips, and a general feeling of well being as we move forward to purchase our new home on Dorado Drive. The information you gave me was extremely helpful and really valuable as like I said, I would have never thought of the things you taught me to look for, or be in the look out for. I sincerely thank you!"
-Terry and Lacy Jackson
"Thank you for the thorough home inspections and taking time to explain things to the buyers."
"Thank you Gery for such a comprehensive report. Your detail in writing and verbal communication is invaluable and we truly appreciate you speak in ters we could understand."
-Peter and Carol Lotzer
"I sold real estate in Las Cruces for 22 years, and I want to thank you for the most thorough and professional inspection report I have ever seen. Your many helpful suggestions for maintenance on certain items were an added bonus. - something else I haven't seen before either. Thank you again. You're the best!"
-JoAnn Ripley
"Sue and I would like to thank you for the truly excellent home inspections. After having the pleasure of working with you we now know how an inspection should be done. Being new to the southwest, we appreciated your thorough explanation of local construction techniques. You gave us the information required to make an informed decision"
 - Sue & David Carter
"Thank you Gary for an excellent inspection, information, instruction and your professionalism.
 - John
Gary, we would like to thank you for everything you have done. Your helped this become a great experience for my family and I ! Thanks again!
 - Charles House
"Thank you for taking such good care of Mr. Packer! I really appreciate the time you spent with him.
 - Susan Blank
"Gary, thank you so much for the great report and walking me and my Dad through the house.
 - Jason Schriver